Saturday, February 09, 2008

Are you looking cute for me?

A lot of men seem to believe that women dress to impress men. Not just in some general evolutionary sense that women generally want to look good because men generally like it, but in a very specific sense that when a woman leaves her home and looks sexy, she has done it on purpose in order to impress the men who happen to see her.

It's obvious that nothing that a woman can say would make them believe otherwise, but I have a question to the men who hold the belief stated above, if any of them happen to read my blog:

To which extent do you dress to impress women? When you put on a pair of fairly tight jeans, do you actually think "mmm, women probably like the way my ass looks in those"? When you open your ponytail, do you think of all the women who'd love to run their hands through your hair? When you wear a tight t-shirt, or a shirt with short sleeves, is that specifically so we could check out your muscles? When the upper buttons on your shirt are open, is it so we can take a look? When you wear shorts, is it to show your legs to us?

(No, I don't attach a particular moral value to either answer, I am just curious. I don't particularly care whether you do it for us or for yourselves, as long as you do it.)

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