Friday, February 08, 2008

Is there something in the water?

(Via Juha Kettunen):

I've always suspected that the Finnish Islamic party is mostly the result of insufficient mental health services, and this totally confirms it. Abdullah Tammi wants death penalty for sex outside of marriage. Of course, the majority of Finns should first convert to Islam, or know Sharia well. In the long run, Tammi wants to replace Finnish laws by Sharia law.

Helsingin Sanomat of course decided to omit such insignificant details and instead concentrates of Tammi's intention to make changes in sex education. It doesn't really give any details of the proposed changes, which makes my prejudiced mind conjure all kinds of possibilities, from "how to beat your wife" to "how to check your daughter's virginity".

The party intends to run in the municipal elections, if they find enough signatures to get themselves registered.

In other news of the weird, a Somali woman tried to hijack an Air New Zealand flight to Australia, stabbing two pilots in the process. Didn't anyone tell the idiot that a) Australia probably extradites hijackers, b) it would be cheaper to buy a ticket, all things considered, and c) stabbing pilots during a flight is not very conductive to successful landing, in Australia or elsewhere?

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