Monday, December 31, 2007

I ain't dead

Despite a way-too-long pause in blogging, I ain't dead, or even hung over, or out of town, or depressed, or destroyed my computer in an endless quest for a perfect hardware upgrade. I simply had my parents over, and we went to Stockholm, and some friends or theirs came over, and some friends of mine came over, and then they all went to their respective homes, and then I got a cold, and then I slept most of the weekend.

The highlights of the last week:

- One trip to Stockholm is good, two is even better.

- Ville sang a cool Christmas song when they came over: "we wish you an infidel holiday, we wish you an infidel holiday, we wish you an infidel holiday and a happy new year!"

- They make tiny little baby iPods and my mom brought me hers. It has to be a love child of two normal-sized iPods. The thing is most weird: it works like a flash drive but doesn't really want to play any of the music that you put on it like in a normal player. You need some extra software on your computer to make it play music (I used gtkpod).

- Where did all the perunalaatikko disappear from the stores right after Christmas, where?

- I bought a number of Christmas lights after Christmas, to use as permanent decorations for my place. They are very pretty. It seems strange now that there used to be a time when the Christmas lights were not LED. In fact they sell some non-LED lights even now.

- Come to think of it, gotta get me one of those Christmas electric candle thingies to use as a menorah. I have a menorah but it's meant for use with real candles, which means it's pretty useless for me.

- My mom accused my dad of rocking the boat too much. The boat in question was Viking Line's Mariella.

- In an unprecedented event in human history the washing machine returned one of the socks it previously stole. Problem is, I don't recognize it as mine. Hope it belongs to my parents and did not come from the alternate universe of lonely socks.

- I bought some viking-style bronze jewelry in Stockholm, and now I feel vaguely guilty about them being symbols of some pagan gods and being unbecoming for a good Jewish girl to wear. Especially since yesterday somebody asked me which god's symbol the spear was and I had no clue whatsoever.

- Parents make fairly good house pets.

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