Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The first rapist

Google earth is fun to play with. Sometimes you find useful information, sometimes rather useless but entertaining. Like, for example, the exact coordinates of the bush where somebody tried to rape me for the first time.

The memory is not particularly traumatic, because he did not succeed and because it was such a long time ago - I was 10. Mostly I was just amused that the bush still exists.

Sometimes I wonder about the guy. Was I the first girl he tried to rape (he was 15 or 16)? Was I the last? Did he learn that this was in general a bad idea? Did he learn to use thick gloves or to silence them with something other than his own hand? Does he still have the scar from my bite? Is he long dead from some other kind of stupidity?

(A guy who tries to rape somebody in the middle of the day in a park in winter, within a screaming distance from the police and a very crowded tram stop: definitely not an Einstein.)

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