Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The absurdity week

Pohjanmaan Puhelin Oy considers EFFI a virus, spam or some other harmful program.

Western digital is selling a network hard drive that prevents users from sharing a number of file formats over the Internet. I am sure the new feature is very popular among users, and there are a lot of people queueing up to buy the wonderful new product.

A Turkish lawyer filed a complaint against Inter Milan, an Italian soccer team, for wearing the symbol of Milan on their shirts. It totally insults Islam and painfully reminds Mr. Kaska of the days of his childhood, when Knights Templar roamed all over Turkey. He wants a compensation, but also the annulment of the game, which of course has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that Inter Milan won 3-0 from the Istanbul team.

The shirts in question are white with a red cross, and Inter Milan was aware that the symbol is not very popular in Turkey, and refrained from wearing it there.They did, however, make the unforgivable mistake of imagining that wearing a symbol of Milan might be acceptable in Milan.

The Israeli-Finnish couple who went completely batshit in India and were dragged to a mental institution, and whose 2-year-old was found wandering alone and was cared for by another tourist, have now been given their child back, and are returning to Israel in the company of the man's relatives. The mental institution is very relieved not to have them there anymore, because they were totally nuts even by the madhouse's standards. Morale: you do not always achieve better living through chemistry. This, children, is why we absolutely do not eat datura seeds.

Witch hunts against children are becoming popular in Nigeria. They are encouraged by some Christian priests who charge the parents for exorcism.

The lines for trucks on the Russian border are expected to extend to Vantaa.

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