Thursday, November 22, 2007

Talking about self

This blog has been all about me-me-me lately. This will probably pass soon, don't worry. A couple of things about writing about myself:

1. I mentioned a few things that I don't like, and some of my real-life friends who read my blog tend to worry about whether or not they have said or done those things. Don't worry: if you hang out with me in real life and tend to often say the particular things that highly annoy me, I will eventually discuss (or, more likely, have already discussed) this with you in person. If you only do it rarely, it's not worth worrying about at all.

2. I keep wondering about the safety of mentioning the things that annoy me. Some people will just do them on purpose.

In general I am very much with Ice from the West Side Story: "No matter who or what is eatin' at you, man you show it and you are dead. You are cuttin' a hole in yourselves for them to stick in a red hot umbrella and open it. Wide."

Nowadays I hang out with very nice people, but when I was younger I used to know a lot of people whose first reaction to the fact of anyone's, say, frog phobia, would be to find a frog to scare the person with. They tended to do it even, and especially, if the person in question was known to shove the frog up the ass of whoever was threatening him/her with it. The observation of such incidents taught me that the things that annoy me exceptionally strongly should not be mentioned to general public. The annoyances I mention here are fairly mild. (Here "mild" means that I might say something rude, but will at least try not to.)

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