Saturday, November 10, 2007

Hello from the Bit Heaven

The cell phone rings around midnight:

Mom: What happened?
Me: WTF? Nothing happened. What happened over there?
Mom: Why did you tell me to call you on your cell phone?
Me: Huh? I didn't.
Mom: You sent me a message!
Me: No.
Mom: OK, let's hang up and use the regular phone.

(In case you were wondering who was that one and only person in Finland who still has a landline: yes, that's me.)

Continuing on the landline:

Mom: I got a text message from you telling me to call you on the cell phone.
Me: But I didn't send it!

Her provider does not even accept SMS:s from Finland directly, so the only way to send her a message is through email. I check the messages that I have sent her through email, and sure thing, I did send her a message asking her to call me on my cell phone. On the 4th of July.

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