Sunday, November 11, 2007

A bit more about the Übermensch

Now that we have some more details:

Auvinen poured some kind of fuel all over the school and tried to set it on fire, but failed. Damn, and here I thought that at least some techniques for making fire was invented in prehistorical times. Nowadays they also have those things called matches and lighters, of which the Übermensch was luckily unaware.

Mind you, I should probably be the last person ever to make fun of this. I haven't really mastered the fire-making technologies myself either. OTOH, if I were planning an arson, I would have at least looked it up on the Net and practiced in advance.

The guy had 400 rounds of ammo, and 2 magazines (meaning in this case that only 20 rounds could have been loaded in advance). Inquiring minds want to know: how exactly did he expect to load them all? Is there something about loading those things that I don't know? My hands tend to be rather sore afther 100 rounds and extremely sore after 150, and that's in spite of the fact that I always shoot at the stationary cardboard targets and therefore can afford to take my time reloading.

The shooting of course brought all the kinds of assholes and lunatics crawling out of the woodwork: the people who decided to call and threaten anyone called Auvinen (a hint: there is no phone reception where he is now), the people who decided it was cool to make threatening videos about other schools and were extremely suprised by the lack of the sense of humor on the part of pretty much everybody, the people who started fan groups and should probably be visited by a psychiatrist, and a certain church in Kansas which is probably beyond psychiatric help.

One of the creatures was actually contacted and interviewed by Turun Sanomat. Pentti Linkola says that he does not believe that his writings had any effect on the event, and that this shooting will not solve the population explosion.

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