Monday, October 22, 2007

Life: infection is officially over, but summer isn't

Been to a doctor today. He declared me completely healthy (ok, the exact words were more along the lines of "ok, your right eye does not look any worse than the left one anymore"). Apparently I did not have an abominable viral disease in my eye after all. Ate a ton of antivirals, paid $215 for them, but the insurance will pay, or, as usual, first cry and then pay.

Got over the jet lag, too, finally.

Had a session of Exalted for the first time after a long break. Luckily the next session is pretty soon now. I missed playing.

I am not sure what's wrong with the world, but two different guys tried to grab my tits two days in a row. Usually guys like that are already deep in their winter sleep this time of the year. Must be the sun, waking them up. It's surely not natural, having the sun in the sky this time of the year?

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