Monday, October 29, 2007

Fairs, wine and manga

Been to the book, food and wine fair yesterday. Managed to escape without buying all the books, but finally got, among other things, my own copy of Kiroileva siili.

The food was unimpressive. The wine part, OTOH, was very nice.

The difficult thing about all the wine fairs where you get to taste a lot of wines for a little money is that I tend to go for the good, rather than for the unknown as I think I should. Every time I go to a wine fair I plan to taste a lot of French wines, of which I don't know much, and instead end up drinking wine made of Tempranillo grapes in the Spanish region of Rioja, about which I already know that it has 100% chance of being good (empirical observation based on the sample size of about 30).

Anyway, drank a number of glasses of various wines of the aforementioned variety, which have once again all turned out to be good.

If any of my readers know a bit about French wines and can recommend some, I am all ears.

Another thing on which I could use some recommendation is manga. I'd like to try to read some, but have no idea what would be a good place to start. The two things I'd like to see in my manga would be cute guys and violence (does not have to be extremely gory or anything). Humor would be nice too.

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