Thursday, May 10, 2007

Voisiko joku jo paistaa Venäjän voissa?

Voisin lahjoittaa voitakin tähän jaloon tarkoitukseen.

Seriously, though - I am not suggesting anybody really attack Russia (such an action, even when performed by somebody capable of destroying it, would surely pollute the environment and greatly bother the neighbors) - but if the whole country just disappeared somewhere overnight, it would give me a great deal of warm fuzzy feelings.

I just tried to write a post about the Russian politics, but the only printable words it contained were "the", "to" and "off", so I didn't.

Seriously, what is it that makes Russians so incapable of realizing that the rest of Eastern Europe in general and Baltic countries in particular do not see them as liberators, and have no reason to see them as liberators?

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