Friday, May 25, 2007

"Hey, you look like an Islamic terrorist!"

The unity government in Gaza has risen to the new heights of, hmm, unity: Fatah gunmen started shooting bearded men on the off chance that they are Hamas members.

Now, if they just did a summary execution of all the members of Hamas, I'd be all for it. But they are just shooting bearded guys.

Not that I am aganst profiling, mind you. But the profiling should involve checking the papers and searching the suspicious-looking person more thoroughly, not shooting them in various body parts just in case. Shooting everyone who looks like an Islamic terrorist, especially in a place where - let's face it - much everyone looks like an Islamic terrorist, is a bit unreasonable. If you are a part of a coalition government whose other part are the actual terrorists, it might also be politically unwise.

"Another Hamas official in Gaza City said that many young men had begun shaving their beards for fear of being identified as Hamas members. "We never imagined that the day would come when Muslim men would be afraid to walk in the street because they are wearing beards," he said."

Don't do that, guys! You'll need those beards after Hamas catches on to the new technique and start shooting all the beardless guys.

That's why the proper rules of war demand at least some kind of uniforms for the combatants, but of course the proper rules of war are for wankers, like the Western countries. That's probably also why all the uniforms tend to look like things that even the most fashion-impaired civilian would never put on by mistake - unlike beards, which tend to grow naturally on most men and some women.

The Muslims around the world are silent as usual. One could expect that the same people who burned embassies and occasionally each other because of some cartoons printed in Denmark would at least bother to organize a peaceful demonstration in protest of the shooting of bearded Muslim men, but I guess they only do that when some infidels forget their place.

In tomorrow news: "Raising the stakes: Hamas realizes that most Fatah supporters are Arabs, decides to kill all the Arabs in order to weed out Fatah suporters."

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