Monday, May 14, 2007


Saw the Eurovision final yesterday, under the bad influence of my friends and in the company of some of them. Much to my surprise, I really liked Ukraine, Romania and France, and Greece wasn't bad at all (and out of the ones that didn't make it to the final, Israel and Cyprus were nice). And by "really liked" I don't just mean that they were better than the others, but that I am actively interested in listening to them afterwards and trying other songs by the same artists.

Pretty much everyone I know makes fun of my music taste, which is OK, but leaves me feeling a bit lonely (as in alone in the world with my music taste, not really lonely) and wondering about it. Now I wonder: if I am so alone with my fondness for the Ukraine's song, who are those people who voted it into the second place, and how come I never meet them IRL?

While looking for other songs by the same artists today, I found Mon pere etait tellement de gauche by Fatals Picards (the French band) and really liked it.

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