Monday, July 31, 2006

The weekend

I've been very sociable lately, had some social event every evening since coming from Riga. It's fun but maybe I should spend at least one quiet evening by myself at home someday. I am sure that someday I will.

Lasu came over on Thursday and we watched a movie. He said that one of my hard drives makes a horrible sound (I am well accustommed to it so I don't notice), and I ran the diagnostic tool and it said that the hard drive that has the operating system is about to go boom. Bugger. If I had figured it out one week earlier I would have made space on it on the 320G drive I bought then, but now I did not feel like repartitioning it, so I went to the store and got another one.

On Saturday helped a couple of friends move. I wasn't an awful lot of help but did what I could. There were very few people, probably due to the fact that one guy's polttarit were on the same day. While I was carrying boxes the sole of my shoe disintegrated in an explosive way. Weird.

Had some wine with friends in the evening. Wine while dehydrated is a bad idea, but was fun anyway.

Had some soul-searching of whether I want to reinstall Debian AMD64 or install i386. Decided on the i386 version. It installed quite easily in spite of still failing to support my video card (had to get a driver from NVidia).

Sound card failed to install, and after unsuccessfully trying to search for it with all the kinds of software I remembered my dear father's advice: "shove it in really hard, then it will work". (My father is a hardware guy, and the advice concerned PCI cards and not what you perverts think.) I shoved it in really hard and suddenly it started working.

Pia came over yesterday. Was fun, should see her more often.

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