Thursday, July 27, 2006

"Eek, eek, take me back into the land of the cartoon-drawing infidels!"

As soon as there is a war the kind of gentlemen who normally encourage the young Muslims to burn embassies, hate the West, become martyrs and enter paradise suddenly decide that they themselves are in no rush to assume their own rightful place in paradise, and run to the rebuilt embassies they had helped to burn in order to be evacuated to the horrible Muslim-oppressing infidel countries.

Ahmad Akkari, "the man behind the pig snout", one of the Danish imams who toured the Middle east with 12 Danish cartoons and 3 of their own, asked Danish embassy in Beirut (the one that has been burned down largely due to his own efforts) to evacuate him from Beirut. Since the embassies are supposed to assist in citizens' evacuations from the war zones, and since this clown is unfortunately a Danish citizen, they did. has a lovely picture of him boarding a ship under a Danish flag, without even trying to set fire to it.

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