Saturday, July 15, 2006

Random thoughts on the Middle East situation

Israel still misses Nasrallah, but their aim is getting better.

When Israel hit Nasrallah's home he declared a war on it. What does he imagine he has been doing up till now? Friendly fire?

Q: Can Israel win a war on terrorism in Lebanon?
Radio Beirut: Syria is a very good country too.

I'd been wondering how come the people of Gaza behave like fucking teenagers, and finally it dawned on me that part of it might be because they are in fact teenagers (fucking or otherwise). The median age there is 15.8. This is a scary thought, not just in case of Gaza but in general, that somewhere in the world the median age is that low. Uganda's median age is 15. The words "inmates are running the asylum" come to my mind.

I've also been wondering what would Finland do if one of the political parties in Estonia took up a habit of shooting rockets into Finland on a regular basis.

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