Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The tinfoil turban man speaks again

Iran has successfully enriched uranium last week. For entirely peaceful purposes, I am sure. Using the same meaning of the word "peace" as in the "Islam is a religion of peace". They say they will have 54000-60000 centrifuges in two years.

The tinfoil-turban-in-chief said that they don't want to attack any country (Israel obviously does not count as a country) and that their army is mighty and can kick anyone's ass. Let all the enemies tremble and die! He also predicted the demise of Israel, and donated Hamas 50 million for that purpose.

Dr Hassan Abbasi, head of the Centre for Doctrinal Strategic Studies in the Revolutionary Guards, promised that "Britain’s demise is on our agenda". That's after they are done with israel and the US, I suppose.

You know, if Iran's current leaders were featured in some movie critics would say that the bad gays are way too evil and insane in a cartoonish way, and totally unrealistic. Totally unrealistic, but yet totally real. How do you deal with heads of state who are absolutely insane, absolutely evil, or both? I mean, how do you negotiate with someone who is for all intents and purposes undistinguishable from the kind of folks who are generally kept in rooms with soft walls and forcibly given antipsychotic medication?

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