Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Life: weekend good, camera evil

Still overwhelmed with life and therefore not writing a whole lot. It gotta get better after I actually buy that apartment. OTOH, there is a lot to do at work and in general. Also, all kinds of devices started falling apart on me: even the blender sounds like a helicopter.

Weekend was good: had some food and drinks with Anu and Killeri on Friday to celebrate Easter and Passover (does kosher wine go well with mignon eggs?), visited Nelonen on Saturday, had a nice game session on Sunday and Heli came over on Monday. Weekends should always be 4 day long.

My camera fell apart and started taking pictures that are way too light and full of light horizontal stripes. In one of the pictures one of Janka's and Orava's cats is blue in the face, which is not really the case. Took it to Stockmann for repairs (the camera and not the cat). They promised to fix it in 1-2 weeks.

Still not sleeping well.

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