Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Been tired lately. Being sociable is fun but drains me; I am not designed to be sociable every night two weeks in a row, and I just did just that. I really need a few evenings all by myself, but the problem is that hanging out with people is a lot of fun and therefore it's hard not to do it; besides, there are quite a few people that I haven't seen for a while now and I miss.

Anyway, to everyone with whom I was supposed to do things in the near future but haven't set up the date yet: it's nothing personal, I am just a bit overwhelmed. I am sure I'll be back to my normal routine sometime next week, or even this weekend.

Been irritable lately, too: I am sure people are not suppose to go into dark and murderous rage from accidentally shading a emacs window. (No, did not kill anyone, even the window in question.)

Bought a motherboard yesterday, feeling better now. Will feel better when I buy a new processor, too. Does anyone know if a boxed Athlon 64 contains everything needed for its installation, or if I need something else (that silver goo that comes in between the processor and heat sink?)?

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