Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Vacation: the week before last

Wednesday, October 6: got into a car accident. Not a big one though. Probably shouldn't give any details or else the guilty party will chew my head off. Due to the accident we were late to pick grandma for her doctor's appointment, and she was really pissed.

Thursday, October 7: hanged out with Borya in the evening (Borya to whose blog I have a link here). Went to a sushi place, ate sushi, drank sake (a fair lot of sake), talked about life, universe and everything, and about my friend and Borya's sister Tanya. Borya's daughter Lisa is in her senior year of high school this year. Life goes by really fast - I still remember Lisa when she was 4 or so, and I was an adult back then, too. Borya was sweet and cheerful and pessimistic at the same time, as usual.

Friday, October 8: Went to New York with Oska for a day. More about it later.

Saturday, October 9: was going to go to Anya to see her newborn baby, but had a flu and therefore didn't. Went to see Anya's brother and nieces instead, and even got a ride from them there and back. Misha lives in the middle of nowhere, no way to get there or back without a car. Was great to see them. Had some red wine there, even tried the Georgian wine called Alazanskaya Dolina in Russian, which I did not like much when I was 4. Turned out I still don't like it, but there was some other wine and good company. Misha and Jane and Sophia are all fun to hang out with, and I think Anya is not concerned about me being a bad example for Sophia anymore, since she is now old enough to be a bad example to everybody herself (Sophia, not Anya. Well, Anya too, but a different kind of a bad example.).

Sunday, October 10: Mira (the relative) and Lyalya (not the one mentioned above, another friend) came to dinner. Was a good dinner party, and a good dinner, too, even if I say so myself. I made way too much cake, but by Tuesday morning the cake was gone and Oska was looking vaguely guilty.

Mira and Lyalya expressed some intention to dress up as mice for the Halloween. I was wondering whether somebody else should be a keyboard, but then they mentioned that Bob is gonna be a cat and I realized they meant a different kind of mouse, the one with tail and ears that says "squeak".

Invited them to come over. In fact invited everyone to come over, but people rarely do. Jane did once, so I have some hope she'll come over again.

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