Tuesday, October 05, 2004

But why is the car gone?

Benka had vacation on Thursday and Friday, and we ran some errands, most notably returned my car's license plates to RMV, and transferred the title to Benka. It was a nice big car, Pontiac Bonneville 1996, 4 doors and a big engine. Too bad it does not run much nowadays, and also leaks in the rain and has mold on the steering wheel. Benka will probably give it to charity for some hungry Indian children or suchlike.

Now it's official, I don't have a car. It's damn annoying to be without one here in Boston. Public transportation is iffy (bus 57 runs quite often officially, but usually it means that you have to wait for it quite a while and then you get 3 or 4 buses at a time. I wonder what kind of card games they are playing at the terminal stations.). Benka's and Oska's rides are even iffier ("We'll drive you anywhere you want, dear. Are you quite sure you want to go there? What are you gonna do in South Brookline at that hour?"), and the nice people whom I'd like to visit in South Brookline never drive with less than 3 promille of alcohol in their blood on general principle. I would think it's safest to go with the cabs, but unfortunately I used to know quite a number of cab drivers when I was young, and sobriety was not one of their most outstanding virtues, either.

But that's not even the issue. That car was sort of my pet when I lived here. I liked it. I fed it gas, and occasionally oil. It said "grrrrr". Sometimes it pissed on my parents' driveway. It was warm. I was concerned when it said "brbrbr" instead of "grrrrr".

Besides, it was probably the last car that I will ever own.

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