Tuesday, October 05, 2004

More vacation

Spending a significant part of the vacation in the bookstores, although have flu and should probably stay in bed for a day. Soon am gonna have more books than an airplane can carry.

Benka and Oska have yelled at me for the flu, since deep in their hearts they believe all disease is intentional in some way. At least if I am the one being sick. I don't think I'll ever be able to admit it to them if I get seriously sick.

They are trying to entertain me, for the most part successfully. It's nice just hanging out with them and drinking (on account of the flu). They are funny.

I am getting all my TV dosage for a year during these three weeks. They have 350 channels or so, and none of them usually show anything I wanna see, but sometimes Benka finds good comedy. Too bad she also often watches Lifetime television for women.

Lifetime television for women is a channel (a group of channels nowadays actually) that shows low-budget made-for-TV movies about murderous domestic violence. Every time you look at it, there is a husband killing a wife, a wife killing a husband, a mother-in-law killing everybody or something like that. Benka likes it because she can fall asleep in the middle of one movie, wake up in the middle of the next one and it will all fit in, but somehow I fail to see this as a cinematic virtue.

I am kind of tired of seeing the presidential candidates and somberly reflecting on the fact that at least one of the fuckers will surely get elected. On Thursday I even started crying and saying that I don't want to see the debates.

Having a break in grandma visits because of the flu.

They have opened a big Chinese supermarket on the corner of Commonwealth and Brighton. Great place, good prices. Having more signs in English (they have some but not enough) would benefit them greatly. Went there, bought good scallops, bad shrimps, and some eel and dim sum stuff whose quality I have not tested yet. They also have live eels, gonna buy those and scare Oska with them. Lots of live fish, actually. Quite cheap, too.

Went to visit Mira and Bob on Friday night. They are relatives of a nice and cool variety (Mira is related to me in 6 different ways - our family tree is a bit of family network, really - and Bob is her boyfriend). Had a great evening, and Bob had made some baby ribs that were really delicious even though were not made out of real babies. Mira's son and Bob's cat also put in an appearance, but did not stay long.

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