Friday, December 03, 2010

Nokia C3

Wow, Nokia has finally produced a phone that is exactly what I would buy if I were buying a new phone at full price with my own money. Too bad I don't need one right now.

What I've always wanted from a phone was GSM connectivity both in Europe and the US, WLAN, and a qwerty keyboard (either physical or touch-screen). C3 has it all. I would have liked 3G, too but I can live without it.

When somebody else is paying (my employer, for example), sure, I also like a nice browser and a high-quality touch screen (am getting one real soon now, too). GPS, too. Camera and music player? Not so much, I already have those and I can't see why I'd need them in the same device.

Are any of the cell phone cameras really any good? The fanciest one I have is 3 megapixels (Nokia E71) and it's considerably worse than my first 1M digital camera.

I've always wondered how come those stupid phone cameras are advertised everywhere, and WLAN has been a premium feature until now.


pjt said...

Regarding the cameras, take a look at this:

Of course, in reality a DSLR camera has vastly better image quality, but N8 is quite surprising.

Vera said...

Wow. It is quite surprising.