Saturday, December 25, 2010

Can anyone explain? Please? (The suicide bombing in Pakistan)

I understand when crazy Islamic terrorists bomb a shopping street in Stockholm. "Understand" here certainly doesn't mean "approve", but hey, that's why we call them crazy Islamic terrorists, and Swedes are mostly infidels anyway. I understand when Sunnis bomb Shia mosques, and Shia bomb Sunni mosques, they are sort of almost like infidels for each other. I understand why they bomb police in Iraq, because police tends to cramp terrorists' style. I understand why the followers of Absolutely Crazy Mujahideen Movement burn the mosque of the Totally Insane Mujahideen Movement, because they are competitors. I understand why the Taliban burn girls' schools, because hey, girls' schools!

What I don't understand is why that bitch, or anyone else, would blow up a line of people trying to get some food. There isn't some crazy sect somewhere that is against food, is there?

Tried to google for it, but did not find a satisfactory explanation.


Juha said...

HS/STT/AFP/Reuters 25.12: "Uhrit kuuluivat salarzai-heimoon, joka vastustaa Taleban-kapinallisia.
Osa paikallisista asukkaista taistelee heitä [islamistikapinallisia] vastaan armeijan rinnalla."

Akka said...

Maybe it's Anorexics Anonymous.