Wednesday, January 28, 2009

This is why all the intelligent zoophiles prefer sheep:

A Russian man decided to make sweet love to a raccoon. Animal rights types usually say that poor innocent animals can't express consent or lack thereof, but this particular raccoon expressed his lack of consent quite efficiently by biting half of the man's penis off.

The raccoon choked on the penis and expired, or was killed by the man. The doctors did not manage to reattach the semidigested organ.

The Russian news sources describe the event in more detail, and feature a scan of the man's written explanation, a very amused veterinarian who was invited to the hospital to extract the penis from the raccoon, and the doctors' advice that the patient needs to have his head checked, along with whatever is left from the penis.

One detail that I really want to know: did the man try to have oral sex with the raccoon to begin with, or did the oral element happen by accident? And if he did it on purpose, did he see those teeth?

From Wikipedia: "Sexually mature raccoons often show aggressive natural behaviors such as biting during the mating season."

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