Monday, June 16, 2008

Where did all the Russian stores go?

Life has been nice and fairly peaceful lately. Went to two parties on Saturday, one friend's birthday (coffee, cake and Wii) and another friend's graduation party (a lot of fun in spite of lots of scary strangers). Saw a fight in Lepakkomies (an awful-looking bar in Sörnäinen). Catalogued most of my books (2.5 bookcases left).

BTW, does anyone know a nice Russian ISBN server? Nice as in one that actually answers, and has books in its database. I usually use all the Amazons and Helmet for other languages.

Also, does anyone know where did Eestin Herkut move to from Kolmas Linja? They had an ad about moving somewhere to Pasila in one of those free newspapers, and I promptly lost the newspaper, and googling didn't help any. And where did Kalinka go from Itäkeskus?

Yesterday went to the old Eestin Herkut, in hope that they have a sign on the door, but instead of the sign they had a new store there, also selling Estonian food. There was a middle-eastern-looking man in there, who said that the owner has changed.

I took the change with suspicion, but finding dulce de leche there totally endeared me to the middle-eastern guy and the rest of the new owners. (That's вареная сгущенка for the Russians; the best I can explain it to Finns is "kinuskia metallipurkissa".) Now let's also hope that the new owners order more ice cream. And while they are out of ice cream: where did the old store move to?

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