Monday, June 09, 2008

Privacy über alles

Went to get my X-rays today (for the overly curious: they are the X-rays of the 6th tooth on the right side of my lower jaw, to find out exactly what king of work that tooth will need). Had to fill a form, so that they can burn it on a CD and send it to the address provided in the form.

No, they can't send it by email. Privacy, you know.

I don't know whether that's their own rule, or a law, or some EU directive, but shouldn't I be able to waive my privacy under the circumstances, if I so choose? And shouldn't somebody teach the use of PGP to them?

The folks who were too privacy-conscious to use email had absolutely no problem with having me fill out the form and give them the mailing address without checking for any kind of ID, even though they don't know me from Adam. Or from Eve, anyway.

Now I really am worried about my privacy. God knows what kind of evildoers can get a copy of the X-ray of that tooth and somehow integrate it into a porn video and post it on Youporn.

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