Friday, May 02, 2008

Now they got to the Air Marshals

Via the Agitator:

Oy vey, now the no-fly list strikes the Federal Air Marshals. Just like the regular citizens, the Air Marshals are occasionally denied boarding because they happen to have the same name as some terrorist has used at some point.

Those Federal Air Marshals probably look suspicious, after all. And their ID's can be faked. And they just might be armed. And dangerous.

One thing is not completely clear to me: if, say, a terrorist named Ayman al-Zawahiri from Egypt decides to impersonate a Federal Air Marshal, and has the resources to do so, wouldn't he also be capable of obtaining his fake Air Marshal papers in some name that is not currently on the most wanted lists of all the law enforcement agencies in the world? Once we are into people capable of producing fake documents, checking their names sort of loses its point.

Next step, pilots. "No, sir, you can't board this plane. There is some J. Smith on our no-fly list. What if it's you? What do you mean, it's not gonna leave without you? Not our problem anyway."

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