Friday, May 30, 2008

Better now

The crisis is almost over, the friend who had a heart attack had his artery cleaned and is feeling much better, though still in the hospital, his wife and son are here, and I regained my own bed.

I must say that although on the general policy level I really support the idea of "when in Rome, do as Romans do", in a real-life situation I totally failed to convince my Russians of the Finnish ways, such as "here in Finland, when somebody is having what appears to be a heart attack, we call the ambulance. We do not try to bum some nitroglycerin off random citizens. More specifically, we do not go into a cafe whose employees all appear to be under 30 and try to bum nitro off them, because most likely they don't have any."

The most amazing thing was that they did in fact manage to bum three pills of nitroglycerin (not from the young cafe employees, though). It didn't help much, and they let me call an ambulance.

The ambulance totally rocked, BTW. They had an EKG device that not only drew wavy lines, but actually said "looks like a heart attack". They also gave us all a ride to the hospital.

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