Friday, May 23, 2008

And now let's have a drink in support of alcoholics...

Lately I have seen several news items in the English-language media about people shaving their heads in support of some cancer victim (usually a family member).

Ugh, and I am not just saying this for aesthetic reasons. The whole idea just seems so perverse in a World According to Garp way. (In that book there was a girl named Ellen James, who was raped and whose tongue was cut out, and a group of feminists who called themselves Ellen Jamesians and cut their own tongues out in her support.)

I wonder if there are many cancer victims who actually enjoy that. "Oh, honey, we figured you don't see enough bald people in the hospital and in the mirror, so your father and I decided to shave our heads too for your viewing pleasure." Yes, I know that in many cases misery loves company, but IMO this is not an emotion that should be encouraged in oneself or others.

I was almost tempted to leave a comment somewhere suggesting what else might be cut off in support of, say, women who lost a breast to cancer, but then wisely decided not to give them any ideas. You never know...

BTW, my dear readers: you know I am afflicted with a horrible addiction to computer upgrades, and break my computer regularly in the process. Please don't show your support for me by breaking your own computers on purpose. It really won't make me happier.

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