Wednesday, March 05, 2008

These evil pussyless demonstrators!

Reading Helsingin Sanomat web forums are usually bad for a person's sanity, even under the best of circumstances. I am not sure why I occasionally do so, but my theory is that it happens when my blood pressure is too low and I need to get it up a little.

Some of the debate about yesterday's anti-censorship demonstration was just unbelievable. Yes, I know that some people have a room-temperature IQ. Even in Celsius degrees. But this is going into the realm of the outside temperatures. In Helsinki. In March.

Besides the usual "but think about the children!" and "I don't understand what's wrong with censorship" and "you are all probably pedophiles anyway", there was a number of people who accused the demonstrators of having no pussy.

Yes, they were quite serious. Some of them meant that the demonstrators had no pussy of their own, and some of them meant that the demonstrators were unable to find any owner of a pussy to have sex with. The implication, I suppose, was that either a) having a pussy of one's own would make a demonstrator a person of a higher moral order, who would have the sense not to demonstrate against censorship, or b) having access to somebody else's pussy would drop the censorship down on a demonstrator's list of priorities. Real pussy-owners don't go to anti-censorship demonstrations, you know. A number of women mentioned that they were there, but it did not stop several people from claiming that there were no women.

Yes, I was there, and there was a number of other women. At home I checked my pussy, just in case. It didn't fall off, and seems to be in good working order.

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