Thursday, March 06, 2008


Got a new modem from Verkkokauppa today. When I brought it there last week they said they were gonna try to fix it, but obviously they failed, so I got a new one.

The modem used to die for unknown reasons, and need to be reset by hand, which is not fun when I am not at home, and not even when I am. Last Thursday a reset did not help, and I took the damn thing back to the store.

Now I got a new one, with a note saying that the old one works fine, but they changed it just in case. The new one seems to work fine, too.

The weirdest thing seems to be that I used to be unable to access from home, and used to wonder whether the problem was with this site, my ISP, or my network settings. The funny thing is that it turned out to be the modem. The new one accesses just fine, with the exact same settings.

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