Monday, March 03, 2008

"...and another 110% of us will vote for Lukashenka..."

Back in the old USSR all kinds of industrial and regional leaders took up various obligations that were supposed to exceed the official expectations of their superiors: "we were told to produce N tons of steel? we promise to produce 110% of it!".

I wonder whether anybody has told the next generation that this does sound a bit peculiar when applied to voting, as in "I promise that 100% of people in my region will vote for the candidate X".

On a related note: I noticed that a lot of people seem to believe that in the USSR people were somehow threatened with consequences if they did not vote the way the Party wanted. This was certainly not the case, at least not in my time. The voting was done in booths and nobody threatened anybody. This only difference between the Soviet election and a real election was that there was only one candidate on the ballot.

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