Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The weekend

Had a pretty good weekend. On Friday VPK and Ning came over, and we had some food and drinks. And then more drinks.

They brought me the world's best hairstick, too. I usually don't get very excited about such things, but this one was really the best hairstick ever: both very cute and very practical (metal, sturdy, not too long, and sharp but not too sharp).

On Saturday went to Skutta to see some movies. The company was good, the movies were mostly good and even the suspicious food with vegetables was very good, but I am not sure that visit was good for my sanity. My current midlife crisis includes quite a bit of dog and cat fever, and they have three cats who spend most of their time being cute at people, climbing on them and saying "murr, murr".

And no, I am absolutely not getting myself a cat. No matter how much purring Skutta's cats do to encourage me.

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