Thursday, January 10, 2008

"Eek! We don't want that moron back!"

Mullah Krekar, originally from Iraq, came to Norway as a refugee in 1991. Since then he has engaged in activities that are generally considered incompatible with refugee status even in Norway, such as founding and leading a terrorist organization, Ansar Al-Islam.

In early 2003 Norway decided that it doesn't want to keep this lovely gentleman, and since then they've been trying to kick him out. They've been at it for 5 years now, because Norway wants assurances that he won't be killed, and Iraqi Kurdistan's rich and vibrant cultural tradition includes hanging the folks who specialize in detonating car bombs is the streets.

Krekar, incidentally, claims that he had no idea about the group's terrorist activities. He only founded and led it, that's all. Ansar Al-Islam's non-terrorist or at least non-lethal activities mostly consisted of destroying girls' schools, kicking the infidels out of villages where they lived, and desecrating Sufi shrines.

Ansar Al-Islam is believed to have 300 terrorists, many of whom are foreigners. You sort of know that you are not doing well when you can't find yourself 300 terrorists in Iraq and have to import your workforce from abroad, and these people don't even have the same employee turnover problem as the organizations that rely more heavily on suicide bombers. But I digress...

Anyway, Krekar's refugee status was revoked in 2002 for terrorist activities, Norway decided to expel him, Iraqi authorities are asking for his extradition, you get the idea. Recently the Supreme Court of Norway decided that the man is a threat to the national security, and now there might be some hope that they will indeed kick his ass out.

Krekar himself doesn't want to be expelled. He welcomed the martyrdom of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi (although, to be quite fair, who didn't?), but is in no hurry to follow him on that path, and is very concerned that this is what might happen if he is returned.

Now the Reform and Jihad Front, an umbrella organization for several Sunni terrorist organizations in Iraq, is threatening Norway with reprisals if they send Krekar back. I guess they are in no hurry to see the glorious leader (or ex-leader, as he says) of Ansar Al-Islam again.

I can sort of imagine their conversation:

Islamic Army in Iraq: If he stayed here he'd been martyred many times over. Norway has kept the fucker alive, so let them keep him.
Mujahedeen Army: If he comes back the rest of our mujahedeen will run away and we'll have to open a recruitment center in France. France, can you imagine! The guys who come from there demand a 30-hour work week and at least one car per night per person to burn, and we only have two cars and one bike.
Ansar Al-Sunna: And he never pitches in for coffee and explosives!
Fatihin Army: Did you see his beard? The man is starting to look like Infidel Castro. Al-Qaeda will be so laughing at us.

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