Monday, April 16, 2007

The weekend

This was an exceptionally catty (in the literal sense) weekend: out of two parties and two moves available, all four contained cats.

Was planning to go to two parties and help one set of friends move, but ended up going to only one party and then heading home. The party was full of scary religion studies people (nothing really scary about them, just a lot of strangers and almost-strangers in one place), nice food and cats.

Apart from one initial beer I was not planning to drink any alcohol, and remembering some old conversation in Janka's log, I decided to count and record how many people would notice that I am drinking only water for 4 hours, ask or comment. Nobody did. (For the curious: there is no real "interesting" reason behind it: I am not pregnant or sick, I did not buy a car, and I did not decide to become sober.)

On Sunday helped a few friends move. There was a lot of stuff, but a lot of people as well, and it went rather smoothly. Their new place is in the middle of nowhere but very nice. The cats moved before them and were banished to one room for the time of the proceedings, where they meowed all the time: "meow! meow! food!".

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