Friday, April 13, 2007

Tyhmästä päästä kärsii koko ruumis


After one day and two nights of pain and sleeplessness I was lying in my bed this morning, considering calling in sick (or dead), and suddenly I realized that a) muscle pain creams have been invented and b) I own at least three diffrerent ones. I crawled out of bed, found a tube of Mobilat, used it and am in a lot less pain now.

I do that every fucking time when I do something cruel and unusual to some muscle: suffer silently (or, more often, loudly, whining on IRC and in my blog) for a day or two before I even remember these things exist.

My dear readers: please, next time I start complaining about some muscle pain somewhere, can you remind me to use Mobilat or something? Because I definitely won't remember by myself.

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