Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Masturbation day (300 spoilers)

I've been very tired and sort of overstretched lately. Too much to do (not just work, fun stuff too) and not enough sleep (been sleeping badly). So I decided to take it easy this long weekend:

- one Exalted session, where we went to an elf court (my character really does not like elves) and there my character sexually abused an elf just to prove she could do it. The elves started with "what can you do to prove your bravery?" Tinel (my character), fine, honest and upstanding pillar of Blessed Isle society that she is, answered "every time I try to prove my bravery tends to generate dead bodies, are you quite sure it's a good idea?", and they were. Not wanting to generate too much bodies, she challenged one of them to a S&M scene, and in the end the challenge was won, and one elf had a really sore anus. I had a good time; the character, being a bit too high on compassion, probably didn't.

- one party, which had a most amazing creature present. She was sort of a Siamese cat, but much smaller, was in heat for the first time in her life and meowed in a most teenagery way: "Meow! Meow! I hate you all! I am so horny! Nobody understands me! Where the hell are all the male cats?"

- saw 300. I did not expect it to be very historical, but orcs and Gollum were a bit too much, really.

- spent two evenings drinking with friends,

- had a day when I did not do anything at all: a designated Masturbation day. A Masturbation day is where the plan for the day is just to stay in bed and masturbate all the time, and that's what I was gonna do all Sunday.

Eight hours and two sore wrists later I switched to other activities: learned to rip DVDs and extract mp3s from .avi files, checked a year's worth of receipts against my credit card bills, did my taxes and found a few objects I've been looking for for weeks. It's amazing what you can accomplish when you decide not to do anything. Everyone should have a designated Masturbation day at least once a month.

I realized how tired I'd been lately only after finding those few objects: I found them exactly in the places where I'd looked for them before, which means I had looked right at them and did not see them.

But maybe I should go to bed now. Try to sleep or something.


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