Saturday, August 18, 2012

Lovely Thursday

8:30: Alarm clock. Blaah!

8:31: What is this horrible stench?

8:32: Surely could not have farted like that? Human farts don't usually smell of burned rubber, even if one drank a really weird beer last night.

8:33: Did the coffee factory nearby accidentally roast rubber instead of coffee?

8:34: OMG! Something is on fire!

8:35: Whatever it is, it's not inside my apartment or within my field of vision when I stick my head out of the window. Maybe should have a cup of tea and a shower.

10:30: At work. Reading emails. Turns out the smokers in the staircase B managed to set fire to the balcony. The fire was put out by the personal effort of Eeva from the board of our asunto-osakeyhtiƶ, and now Eeva is calling a board meeting to decide on summary executions... I mean, banning smoking on staircase balconies. Yay! I was totally for the ban from my day one in the board, and that was 5 years ago.

10:40: Bugger. One of the backend interfaces doesn't work and I have no idea what's wrong with it.

10:50: The evil coffee machine from yesterday is still there.

13:30: Gotta go to the customer's office. On the way there managed to express some social paranoia to the coworker. I don't think that the conversation is much enjoyed by either party but I feel better. Should've done this 6 months ago, I suppose.

14:00: The customer appears to actually like the application. I am still bothered by the non-working interface.

15:00: Back to the office. The coffee machine is still evil. The interface too. Give up on the interface, do some other work that needs to be done.

17:30: The interface did not work because of a typo in the namespace. Now I really feel silly.

18:00: Argh, argh, it's so late and I have stuff to be done before 9!

19:15: At home with the car (the car is actually outside, not in the apartment). Realizing that the monitor that I was gonna take to sortti-asema arose from the dead.

19:30: Gotta get to Anu's and Wouter's place. Kinda out of gas, though. Where is the gas station, where?

19:55: Fuck. You can't drive through Tapiola center anymore. Gotta find an alternate route.

20:15: Where the hell am I? Where? This is Tapiola's other, mysterious dimension.

20:20: They are throwing out WHAT? My car needs another dimension to fit all that in. Good thing the monitor arose from the dead and is not in the car.

20:25: Managed to fit the monster table in.

20:29: The last chair doesn't fit in in any dimension.

20:30: Violent disassembly of the chair. Violence is a solution to many problems.

20:40: Finally found a gas station. Hurrah!

20:45: No way we are gonna make it from Tapiola to Konala in 15 minutes.

20:55: Made it with the whole 5 minutes to spare.

21:00: But where does the paint go?

21:05: Hurrah! Made it out of the sortti-asema, and the monster table is gone.

21:06: Oh no we didn't. What's this gate and why is it closed?

21:07: AAARRGGHHH! Gonna spend all the night in the wilderness of Konala without any dinner!

21:08: Found a guy to open the gate.

22:00: On my street. Now where is hell is a parking space?

22:20: Here we go.

22:21: Does it always have to start raining as soon as I get out of the car?

22:22: IRC, a glass of vinho verde, a cup of tea and the remains of a snail risotto improve the mood substantially. The car is safely parked and has gas in it, the interface works, the customer seems pleased, the monitor seems alive, my friends are rid of the monster table, we are finally gonna ban smoking on staircase balconies, and tomorrow is another day. (A much better one, as it turned out.)


kellogs said...

whoaa ? you a coder ?

Vera said...

Why does that surprise you?