Friday, July 27, 2012

Weird scooter

Saw a really weird scooter in Stockmann. (by scooter I mean a kick scooter, not a motor scooter). It had 3 wheels and was sort of V-shaped. I asked the saleswoman what it was for and she said that you are not supposed to propel yourself by pushing off the ground, like in a regular scooter, but by rotating your butt. Then she tried to demonstrate. Then I tried. Then she tried again. We rotated our butts like two helicopters but the damn thing just wouldn't move an inch. And now for some reason I still find myself wanting to buy this miraculous device, and wishing to find out how it works. So, my dear readers: have any of you tried to ride a scooter like that, did it work, and if yes, how?


kellogs said...

you mean like these ?

I have mainly seen kids riding them, and they work, yes :)
Can you ride a bike ? If so, ever rode it until reaching very low speed, and right there, when you start teetering, you tend to swing the handlebar from left to right and vice versa in a certain manner such that without pedalling you can gain few more meters. Same applies to those scooters I guess, but the handlebar swing is now replaced by a more aggressive butt swing. Anyway, you got to first catch some speed the usual way and then start swinging as you go.

Juha Tretjakov said...

The V-shaped is called Trikke, but there are others like Fliker (turning back wheels), Powerwing, Rockboard, etc. It accelerates by pumping motion. Even those instructors seem to kickstart their trikes, so you probably need some pushing at start. Seems like a downhill vehicle to me.

Look here for instructions and search more with keyword "trikke".

50cc moped said...

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pjt said...

Looks like elsewhere it's something that is sold in the daytime "TV Shop" programs, along with all the other desperately useless fitness devices.