Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Vengeance (spoilers)

Read Vengeance by George Jonas. That's the story of Israel's operation Wrath of God - revenge on the terrorists who massacred Israeli athletes during the 1972 Munich Olympic Games. This is the book that the movie Munich was based on, and quite a bit more interesting than the movie. More details, some of the such that I would consider them unrealistic if I ran into them in a role-playing game.

A note to self:

If I ever choose the retain the services of an assassin, even a reasonably decent and upstanding assassin, I shall not:

1. Try to force him or her to work after he or she decides to resign,
2. Steal his or her back pay,
3. Threaten his or her child.

I find it incredible someone would do all that to an assassin. In fact I can't imagine doing all that even to a gardener.

Yes, I realize that the book was written based on the personal account of Avner (the assassination team leader), and by the time it was written he was pretty disgruntled, but if I had an assassination team of my own, I would certainly make sure that the leader and the rest of the team are pretty damn well gruntled.

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