Sunday, June 28, 2009

Work and shopping

Been very busy at work for the last two weeks, with the feeling that I am being fucked in every hole, and not in a positive way. It is an interesting project, mind, but I wish I had more time for it and less other urgent stuff to do at the same time.

I firmly believe in the soul-healing power of shopping (twice the healing points if done on the don't-buy-anything day). Also, it's sale season right now.

Yesterday was a good day to shop for shoes, apparently (did I mention that my real name is Imelda Marcos?). I like funky shoes, but I usually buy sensible ones. This time I figured that I have enough sensible shoes and I want to buy something funky. This is pretty hard, because my other requirement for the shoes, besides funkiness, was that I'd be able to put them on and walk at least 15 thousand steps in a row without socks, blisters, pain or band-aids.

Usually I buy Eccos and Clarks and Lacoste, now I wanted something new. I have wanted a pair of El Naturalista for a while, but the fuckers don't make them in my size. Bought a pair of Art, which is a sort of El Naturalista ripoff (or is it the other way around?) which actually fits. We'll see if it works for me.

BTW - has anyone tried Fly London? This is another shoe company that appeared here during the last year or two. They cost like real shoes, and feel like you can hammer nails with them. Does anyone actually buy them?

Next time I am going shopping to Verkkokauppa. Easier than the shoes.

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