Monday, April 07, 2008


Haven't blogged for a while again, mostly due to a lot of work and a lot of social life.

Saw The Band's Visit and liked it quite a lot, although it seems to me that its makers have seen too much Kaurismäki.

Also saw the first season of Everest. Wow. I knew that people who climb big mountains are in general crazy, but those exceeded all my expectations.

Got a cool new coworker, who is Russian. Had some beers with her and her husband last week. Gonna introduce them to hot chocolate with rum sometime soon.

Listened to too much music. It's not healthy for me, not sure why.

Read a blog post about what women really want. It was written by a man who did not seem to know much about it, but it inspired me to look deep into my heart and ask myself what I really want. The answer was a 500G Seagate Barracuda hard drive, and I went to a store and bought it.

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Anonymous said...

Ja, sennilega svo pad er