Monday, August 13, 2007


Been to the Ropecon. It's a weird event where you run into lots of people whom you see very rarely, and lots of those whom you see very often, too, decide to go to some events and go to the totally different ones, which turn out to be different from what you expected but still fun.

Note to the organizers (probably should tell them): having the event where people talk outside, especially without a microphone, is a really bad idea. Can't hear a shit.

Note to the people attending such events: bring your own slingshots for the benefit of the people who decide to stand up while the rest of the audience is sitting down, in the apparent misconception that they are transparent and the people sitting behind them can see through them. Slingshots can also be used on people in the audience who decide to talk loudly among themselves, but axes are preferrable.

Was fun anyway. Listened to presentations on fencing and killing and getting girls and women to play, the latter being a bit funny considering how many girls and women are already playing. Hanged out with people. Drank beer.

With regard to women playing: a lot of women play tabletop games, computer games, MMORPGs, LARPs, etc., but you almost never see any women at the miniature gaming table. I wonder how come.

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