Thursday, August 02, 2007

Eek! You gotta speak foreign with the foreigners!

Scared a little old lady today.

I was shopping in the Stockmann basement foodstore and minding my own business when a little old lady came up to me.

"I like your shoes! Where did you get them, may I ask?" - she says, pointing at the Crocs I bought on weekend.
"Right here," - I answer and make an up and down gesture meant to show that I mean Stockmann in general, as opposed to, say, Stockmann foodstore or Helsinki. I suppose I said that without a noticeable accent.
"Here in Finland?"
"Here in Stockmann. Up there in the sports department."

At this point she realizes that I am a foreigner, and the look of horror on her face is pretty much as if a perfectly good woman turned into a fire-breathing dragon right in front of her eyes. She starts stuttering, thanks me for the information in a most horrible mixture of Swedish and French (which I hope she wouldn't do to an actual fire-breathing dragon), and runs away much faster than any eighty-something person I'd ever seen.

Unfortunately I ran into her in a tram after that, too. Turns out she can also jump higher than any other person in their eighties.

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