Sunday, August 19, 2007

More about "not my type"

As a continuation to my last post:

One thing that I have always wondered about after telling men why exactly I am not interested (hey, they asked):

If I did not know better from experience, I'd expect that they would be more upset and defensive about the features that describe a problem in their general standing on the sexual market (for example "too old") than about the features that are just a personal preference (for example straight vs. curly hair), because the latter has a lot less bearing on their standing with other women.

This has not however been the case. I have not noticed any difference in defensiveness between these two cases. Instead, these men have been most defensive about my rejection of features that are perceived as more masculine. "Too hairy" and "too muscular" have pissed them off a lot more than "too old", "too short", "too curly", "I'd rather have a blond guy" or even "too annoying".

Why is that?

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