Monday, November 28, 2005

Surrogate mothers, adoptions and assumptions

Talked with two friends (separately) about the protections (or rather total absence thereof) that Finnish law offers surrogate mothers. I found it interesting that both were surprised to hear that I meant protections against the prospective parents changing their mind and refusing to accept the child.

One even said "but one can always put the baby up for adoption" and I had to clarify that I meant a situation when a couple "orders" a baby and then splits up, after which the biological father accepts the baby but demands child support from the biological mother and not from his ex.

Anyway - it got me wondering why none of the agencies and organizations that inform pregnant women about adoption (whether as an alternative preferrable to abortion or neutrally as one alternative among many) ever bother mentioning that in an adoption the baby's father can and should be consulted, and can indeed prevent an adoption from happening. Is there some assumption there that mothers only want to get rid of kids if there is no father or the father is unwilling?

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