Sunday, July 10, 2011

Giants live in the north beyond the Wall in Westeros, and in Kappahl, too

Went shopping yesterday (all my summer shirts in one day, yay!) and saw a skirt in Kappahl. Quite a lovely skirt, actually, even though I don't wear them. Except that it was about 30 cm. too long for me.

Now, I am not sure whether there exist any women over two meters tall, but I am quite sure I'd never seen any in Kappahl.

Dear giantess who comes there to buy skirts! If you decide to purchase the enormously long black one, can you please send me a picture of yourself in it. I just wanna see it.


Saltimbocca said...

Did it have a stretch band at the top? It could have been a strapless dress.

There was a column recently in the local paper by a middle-aged woman who found a lovely ankle-length skirt in a youth-oriented shop, only to realize it was intended to be a strapless minidress for a teenager.

Vera said...

It did have a stretch band, and I have considered the possibility that it might be a dress, but the band was too narrow.

Unless of course the band was not meant to support the breasts, just to be above them. But then it's a rather strange-looking dress.

Saltimbocca said...

That's it then - it was a dress. It's not an attractive style in my opinion either, but it is a dress style to have a stretch band that hold the dress in place above the breasts.

Might work better with a belt.