Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A few thoughts on the terrorist attacks in Norway

I haven't written anything on the Norway murders until now, partly out of respect for the victims, but mostly because all I wanted to do at first was to share my feelings, and my feelings mostly involved rather violent fantasies about the perpetrator being orally/anally raped to death by a herd of enraged rhinos on steroids.

At first I thought it was the islamists. I didn't say so - I wish I could say I didn't jump to the conclusions, but really I just didn't feel like being too graphic about the aforementioned rhinos.

(As an aside to everone who is wondering why we always think of the islamists first: just take a wild fucking guess.)

As soon as it turned out that it wasn't one of them, it was one of us (sorry, my fellow Islam critics, but he did do it in the name of many things most of us believe in, I don't like it any more than you do but it's a fact), I looked through his writings on http://www.document.no/, an Islam- and immigration-critical forum, so see if there were any warning signs that I should maybe pay attention to in the future, and damn, there wasn't. The fucker did a very good job of pretending to be normal and moderate. He even gives advice on how to pretend to be normal in his manifesto.

One of the many cynical things that came to my mind was "that's a hell of a lot of effort just to make people read your book!", and that I should not read it, just to spite him, but still I couldn't resist and read most of it.

Upon reading the book and watching the Knight Templar recruitment video I was immediately overcome with righteous anger (his incitement does work!) and wanted to punish people who betray Western values, facilitate the murder of indigenous people of Europe, and cause horrible things, such as bullying of indigenous teenagers and that blond girl with a bloody face in the video. I was so angry that I grabbed my knife, my pineapple (you don't wanna know), a bottle of some chili sauce, and started looking around for some evildoer ass. I heard that there was some guy in Norway who betrayed quite a lot of Western values, murdered quite a lot of teenagers, most of them indigenous, and probably caused quite a lot of blond girls to have bloody faces, or possibly no faces at all. But then I remembered that he was the author of the book, and arrested, and that proper Western values don't generally include sodomizing people with pineapples dipped in chili sauce. Bummer. No enraged rhinos, either.

OK, sorry, I should be more serious. Still, a few random thoughts:

- there are a lot of cultural (and otherwise) conservatives in the anti-islamization movements, but for the most part they wish to go back to some undeterminate point in time when the TV was already invented, and WWW still wasn't (don't ask me why). I'd never seen one before who'd genuinely wanted to go back to the time when Knights Templar roamed the earth, soap was unpopular and peasants could be killed more or less freely. Live and learn, I guess.

- one fairly striking thing was how much the man himself fit his own definition of people who should be eliminated from the face of the earth.

- not only did he perpetrate his terrorist acts like Al-Qaeda, he sure sounded like it, too. Sacrifice blah-blah, martyrdom yadda-yadda. Killing a bunch of Norwegians also somehow reminds me of all the terrorist attacks done by islamists in and against the Muslim countries.

- WTF are cultural Marxists? The Marxists whom I've known in person wouldn't know culture of any kind if it bit them on the ass.


Simo said...

This is great example of the political horseshoe, where the totalitarian crazy extreme right/left (Nativist/Islamic) are closer to their opponents than to mainstream politics, although they nominally claim to oppose their opponents.

Joonas said...

Is has been part of the tradition of left wing terrorism to explain. "We killed the bank manager since he is so evil capitalist and this surely leads to better world for the working class".

The right wing style has been not to explain. Throwing bomb to refugee center has been both the message and the agenda.

School shooters have killed people and left behind some kind
of manistoes so that they could be remembered. Since Columbine it has been habit to end the shootings with suicide. The agendas have been more about the shooters themselves than about political goals.

Al-qaeda has used violence to provoke conflict between them and anyone else(*. Then the next step is that all the "real moslems" (ones not killed before) will join them. Eventully they will win since their opponent do not have nose to fight prolonged war with heavy casualities and eventually they will will and found worlds islamic state with sharia legistelation.

(Hmmm, actually I am quite not completely aware of their goals, I am not sure they are even themselves.)

(* Al-qaeda has been striking again other moslems quite a few ocations...