Monday, March 21, 2011

I still ain't dead

Not on vacation, either, and not even grossly overworked or madly in love. It's just that the winter got to me. Every time I tried to sit down to blog it came out as "I hate the fucking winter!", "bugger the snow!" or "the summer is never gonna come and we are all gonna die!", with a sprinkling of "today I fell again and now I have another bruise on my ass!".

And I can't even sing "esi-isät olisivat voineet valita aurinkoisemman maan", for obvious reasons. Huh.


Ironmistress said...

Think positively. Reggae is the music of sunshine and summer. Just hum this song and you'll feel better ;)

Anonymous said...

Not only this country was uninhabitable during winter, but also lacked knappable rock.

People must have crossed the Finnish gulf during winter and considered the country habitable.

For some reason some people persisted and were proud enough not to return.

(collective thinking after too many beers..)